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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vegan Doughnuts!

Oh my! We are going to have a great Lent! (If you're just stumbling upon this blog and wondering, we are Greek Orthodox and just starting Lent next Monday.)

Recently the fabulous Jennifer Schmoo came visiting our house! And she came bearing a gift. She brought My Sweet Vegan, a treasure for vegans and Lenten-fasters! I immediately said "We're going to have a good Lent..."

We started using it before Lent since Hibi is a vegan, and her birthday was on Tuesday. These wonderful doughnuts are what we had for breakfast. I made up the dough the night before, put it in the fridge, then on Tuesday morning when I got up I formed the doughnuts and let them rise. They were ready for frying when it was time for breakfast, and yum, what a breakfast it was! Not even us non-vegan cheese-fare people were complaining.

Now, normally I would post the recipe. My understanding is that recipes cannot be copyrighted, and I'm within my rights to post them on my blog. But the author of this cookbook Hannah Kaminsky, is still a teenager! She also homeschools. And I find it so amazing that she could come up with such a tasty compilation at such a young age, that I am going to urge you to buy the book rather than posting the recipe. If you are at my house, you are welcome to copy it yourself. :-)

Also I would usually link to the Powells site rather than Amazon, but Powells doesn't seem to have it yet. Hey, Hannah, you should sell your book to Powells! It is definitely up Portland's alley.

Also, the night before we took the Root Beer Float Cupcakes from this book to a gathering as a birthday cake. They were also scrumptious! Definitely a good resource for those of us who avoid dairy and eggs at least part time.

Note: After I posted this, I thought I should add a thought on enjoying food during Lent: I realize the point of fasting is not to circumvent the rules and make something that tastes as good as the original that we aren't eating. However, as a former neighbor at seminary once said, you can fool your tastebuds but you can't fool your body! I think this is true and we do feel differently during Lent because of what we are not eating. Also, though, the fast is loosened on weekends which is when we would be enjoying things like this. It seems so much more of a treat when you've been fasting strictly all week.