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Monday, February 19, 2007

Raisin Bread

Yum! The first day of Lent is a good day to make raisin bread. This is one of my two Laurel's Kitchen staple recipes--the other being Buttermilk Bread. When I want totally vegan bread I make this. It's so good that when I went to take a picture of it, I found that *somebody* had pulled raisins right out of the top to eat them, after being told that we must wait until the bread is cooled to cut it. It's really better that way--if you cut more than just the heel off while it's warm, it just flattens the bread. So, the one on the right has no heel on its backside. :-)


Mimi said...

Hum, who could this somebody be?

Vicki said...

picking raisins off the top (LOL! :o) who could blame "somebody" with bread that yummy looking -- the aroma must have been overwhelming too!

kr said...

sorry this is so unrelated
visiting from Andy's because I thought you might be interested, if your son is young enough:
a Waldorf(y) public charter school opening in our neightborhood; the last two (required to attend one to apply) info meetings are Th and Sun (details on website)

I see you are homeschooling, so this might not be as exciting for you as for me ;), but until the state offers vouchers this looks like a good option for my not-wanting-to-homeschool, distrusts-traditional-education self ... and I saw your comments at Andy's and remembered you were local (and not exactly into, forgive the pun?, whitebread American assumptions ;) ) ...

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I can see why you're so excited! Even my unschooler interest is piqued. My kids are 4th and 7th, so Hibi would only be able to attend one year. We've thought that perhaps the Metropolitan Learning Center would maybe be a good fit for her--she's so independent. But having something right in our own neighborhood would be great--even if it's just for the younger grades.

kr said...


I would Unschool (vs structured homeschooling), but my husband can't be convinced of it : P.

Sounds like your kids are maybe both too old for this new school ... bummer. (On the other hand, the more American kids who are Unschooled, the better, as far as I'm concerned :). )

I guess that's it for now. Happy to have you in Portland ;). Sometime, when my life gets less hectic (school is out, baby is birthed), if you are OK with it, perhaps we could get together ... ? Your kids are older than mine (2,4,6), but some of the local parks are age-spread enough I think ... ? Now that I think of it, if your daughter is intersted in babysitting, I would LOVE to have a reliable babysitter (at her age, I would only expect to ask her to watch the kids when I am home too).

If you are interested, ask Andy for my eddress? if not, that's OK too :).

Elizabeth said...

Hey KR--I'd love to meet you! Especially since it seems we live so close. But I'm not seeing that Andy has his email address on his profile. And you're not a registered blogger (which explains why you posted on this blog....I don't accept non-registered comments on my other blog after some nasty comments)! So, please email me at Hibi, I'm sure, would love to babysit. :-) She has taken a Red Cross babysitter's class and only has one regular job so far. She does mother's helper now, with a baby, and after she's got some experience the mom will leave her alone. I'm kind of nervous about that!